Investing in Nigeria's Future through Capacity Building

The Methodist Church Nigeria (MCN) since 1842 has been at the forefront of spiritual and social transformation; first, by spreading spiritual holiness and secondly by investing in medical/health services and social/economic welfare of the people.  It has also contributed, and very remarkably too, its quota in the educational development of Nigeria.

In the area of social welfare, the Church has established various centers like the Leprosy Center, Uzuakoli, Abia State, the Mentally Ill Destitute Centers at Amaudo Itumbauzo, Abia State, Edawu in Igede and Agboke via Oturkpo, both in Benue State and a center in Ilesa, Osun State for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  The Church also runs an Orphanage Center in Igede, Benue State.  These Centers are established to reach out to the rejected and less privileged members of the society.  They also ensure reintegration of those previously treated as outcast and subjected to various societal abuses. 
In the area of health, MCN also has to its credit, the establishment of Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa, Omuo-Ekiti, Ogoli, Ugboju, Ugwueke, and Ituk Mbang Methodist Hospitals among others,.  These hospitals, well spread across the Nigerian nation, no doubt, continue to provide good and affordable healthcare services in their environments.

In addition to all other services, MCN has from the beginning, placed very strong emphasis on the need for education.  This explains her reasons for launching out in the area of educational establishments. Throughout the country, the Church established a good number of schools from kindergarten through primary to senior secondary schools and theological institutions, which have produced men and women, who had contributed and are still contributing very significantly to virtually all spheres of human endeavour.   
These schools provided a platform for strong moral education for Nigerians.  T hus, there existed strict discipline, good conduct, honesty, integrity and relatively high academic standards.  The result was that the schools produced men and women of high moral and intellectual standing in the society, making the church’s training institutions, a halo of respectability and responsibility.

When in the 70’s the Nigerian government took over management of schools from the missions, Methodist Church Nigeria did not relent in its efforts at ensuring that people received sound moral instructions.  She, thus, paid greater attention to chaplaincy services in public schools and other establishments.  She also intensified the teaching of sound morals in Sunday schools. When the Church observed deplorable conditions of schools taken over by government in terms of quality of students being turned out, she took a decision to encourage establishment of new schools. 


The church is thankful to God that some State Governments have seen reasons to restore Mission Schools to their original owners, as no nation can effectively handle social services without partnership with other civil or religious organizations.It is in keeping with this vision that Methodist Church Nigeria has identified the need to venture into the area of tertiary education.  Wesley University of Science and Technology Ondo is therefore a way of keeping with the vision of the church and fulfilling her mission.  The Church believes that the transformation of Nigeria will require a great degree of investments in science and technological education, balanced with social and religious ethics. Methodist Church believes in the greatness of Nigeria and would continue to put her resources at the disposal of the nation for development and advancement.

Methodist Church Nigeria, in its quest for the provision of sound moral educational foundation for all generations, seeks to establish a center of excellence in knowledge creation, moral regeneration and development enhancement in Science and Technology. 

Besides the general consideration of Universities as centers of acquisition, conservation, dissemination and application of knowledge, the means of achieving the set goals had become a distinctive feature. The Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo is established as a center of excellence and propagator of knowledge in the area of Science and Technology.

Education at the University is viewed as a comprehensive trainingfor the young. We provide education which disciplines the mind, develops the reasoning faculty, instills diligence and godliness and enables the young graduate to find or create employment and be of good service and behaviour to the community. The Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo is dedicated to capacity building and manpower development to cater for the manpower needs of the country.
WUSTO is an autonomous institution that is directed towards fulfilling specificgoals and objectives based on teaching, research, moral training and service to the community in general.

The University, in addition to complementing the efforts of governments in providing places for the teeming population of young qualified people seeking higher education, is passionate about creating an environment conducive for teaching, learning and research. The parent body is committed to the provision of adequate funds for facilities, goods and services with attractive packages to motivate truly distinguished, competent and respectable staff to encourage dedication to duties.
Clearly, the mission is to provide the enabling environment for effective teaching and research in cutting–edge Science and Technology for sustainable development.

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